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The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Volker Turk, officially closed the Agency's offices in Uganda and concluded all operations following the Government's decision not to extend their mandate.

On Saturday, August 5, 2023, the office in Kampala officially ceased its operations, as stated in a press release from the Agency's headquarters in Geneva. Turk expressed his regret, acknowledging the 18 years of collaboration with civil society and various stake holders in Uganda, as well as engaging with state institutions to promote and protect the human rights of all Ugandans.

Prior to the Kampala office's closure, sub offices in Gulu, and Moroto had already shut down on June 30th and July 31st, 2023 respectively. As of march, OHCHR Uganda employed 45 staff, including including 36 nationals and 9 international members.

Established in Kampala in 2006 to address the human rights concerns in conflict affected areas of Northern and North Eastern Uganda, OHCHR's mandate was later expanded in 2009 to coverĀ  the entire country and all human rights issues.

In February this year, the ministry of foreign affairs announced that the Government had decided not to renew the mandate of the OHCHR which was due for expirely in march 2023. In a letter to the OHCHR head office, the ministry stated that Uganda had developed the capacity to monitor, promote and protect human rights without external support.

The head of the UN Agency expressed concerns that the amended computer misuse law may further erode free expression and also cautioned against a regression from Uganda's obligations under international human rights treaties it has accepted, thus urging the Government to guarantee the effective and independent functioning of the national human rights body which serves as the primary entity responsible for overseeing human rights in Uganda.

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