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Authorities in Kisoro District have suspended all activities at Bunagana primary school to secure accomodation for refugees flocking from Democratic Republic of Congo escaping heavy fighting between M23 rebels and Congolese National forces.

According to the Kisoro Resident District Commissioner Rtd. Cptn Peter Mugisha, about 6,000 Congolese refugees have entered Uganda through the Bunagana border and more others are expected to come.

School authorities have expressed fears that the School furniture might be destroyed by refugees as they struggle to get firewood for cooking and keeping themselves warm at night. Latrines will be filled up quickly if the refugees are not relocated to refugee camps.

The refugees are mostly women and children and some men seen carrying some belongings like mattresses, suit cases among others.

The exercise of sorting these refuges is a challenge because there is a need to sort them to get those seeking asylum from the refugees. But officers meant to do that will soon be deployed as soon as possible.

The logistical implication of transporting Congolese refugees from Bunagana to refugees resettlement camps is still a challenge.

Uganda has a total refugee population of 1,595,405 mainly from South Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, Burundi,  Sudan, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Somalia, Turkey, Pakistan. This huge population of refugees in Uganda is attributed to Uganda's good refugee management policies as provided for in the refugee act of (2006) and the attendant regulations (2010).

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