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Environmental Defenders in Kigezi sub region led by the executive director of Rukiga forum for development (RUFODE) a media Organization, have appealed to the municipal authorities in Kabale town in South Western Uganda, to shift and relocate some of the washing bays near streams and rivers, because they cause water pollution.

Mr Tugumisirize Barnabas an environmental defender, made the appeal while talking to the press at Hakirindi Rwakaraba washing bay in Kabale Municipality. He stressed that all the water that runs off the car when it is being washed at the washing bays, contains soap, detergents, fumes from exhaus, gasoline, rust from metals, motor oils, all flowing into the streams and rivers where they harm water quality and wild life.

"We have tried to engage owners of these car washing bays but all in vain" Said Mr. Tugumisirize Barnabas an environmental defender. The owners of these car washing bays seem to mind about their businesses and not the environment. The Kabale Municipal Authorities should use the relevant laws to evict these car washers and relocate them to those places that do not pollute the Streams and Rivers.

Tugumisirize Barnabas also called for an improvement in the proper disposal of Gabage in Kabale town especially the Plastics. Gabage including plastics are blocking the water channels in Kabale thus causing floods in town. This is most likely to cause diseases like cholera. He further called for Greening of Kabale city by growing trees along roads in Kabale Municipality. This he says will improve the environment in Kabale town.


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